Made of selected walnut with a water-resistant finish, the standard stock comes with a Beretta Gel•Tek recoil absorbing pad that reduces much of the felt recoil during firing. Different size recoil pads can be mounted in a few seconds to modify the length of pull. The stock is designed to hold the Beretta Recoil Reduction System (available as an option), comprised of a spring mass system which counteracts the backward force of the gun during firing, significantly reducing felt recoil. The fore-end, which is also made of walnut, has a semi-beavertail configuration.
  The exclusive, newly designed checkering on the stock and fore-end, enhances the look of the shotgun and guarantees a firm hold even in the most adverse weather conditions. Between the stock and the receiver is a fiberglass-reinforced technopolymer spacer and inside the stock is a metal plate that can be used to change the drop and cast of the stock by simply modifying their assembly position. Two couples of additional spacers are also provided.

In some versions the walnut stock is fully adjustable in terms of drop and cast and is supplied with the Beretta Memory System. This ensures a perfect fit by allowing shooters to adjust for comb height and for cast- on cast-off. The adjusting mechanism features a patented locking system so settings remain secure and unchanged. The length of pull can be varied by adjusting the recoil pad support and the cast at heel and at toe can be modified by changing the angle of the Beretta Gel•Tek interchangeable recoil pad. The multi-adjustable stock is designed to hold inside the Beretta Recoil Reduction System (available as an option). 




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